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LTO Social Mining. Highway to Hell


Democracy doesn’t work, that’s a fact and that’s why the new platform isn’t as good as the old one. I’m going to explain the reason of this sentence in the next few lines.

The spammers have evolved

We thought that the spammers have learnt the lesson but that was a lie. Spammers have evolved in a sophisticated way. They don’t tweet or post in reddit copy/pasted texts, thats a thing from the past (except twitter spam that is really annoying). The new spammers divide their content to post multiple articles of the same thing and get the maximum quantity of upvotes, they also post really old content that they have created, or just make an article commenting in a few lines an announcement with no real value, that’s the point of this workforce, add real value to LTO.

This new spammers are a way worst than the old ones because they hide their intentions in a coat of attitude that says “I really care for the project” but they just want to be first in the ranking no matter the cost to the LTO community.

Friends and mostly bots upvoting useless content

This is one of the worst things. I’ve seen twitter posts of random people, they aren’t influencers or something similar, get hundreds of upvotes. One fucking tweet getting more upvotes than gif makers or stickers makers, and a way more upvotes than a lot of content creators.

One explanation could be that the people vote his friends, whatever the content they make is good or not. The other explanation is a little bit darker: some people register multiple accounts and vote themselves. Because I am not buying that a lot of people upvote a random tweet linking to the last LTO announcement.

Developers work isn't properly rewarded

Tech devs make stuff a lot slower than a content creator or a gif maker but, in my opinion, their content is much more relevant for the communitty. Devs just publish an activity with a few lines that describe days and in some cases weeks of work. Because of that they get upvoted just once, as they have written just a simple article or post a couple of tweets.

Devs work are in another league and they should be rewarded different to be fair with their hard work.

LTO fix it

Let's fix it

I don’t believe in the destructive criticism that’s why I am telling you how I would upgrade the new LTO Social Mining to make it better for the community and for the LTO brand.

  • Make use of moderators, not just validators. If they were part the team that would be perfect (Ivan, ejem, ejem, XD). This mods will look at the content and warn users if they are gaming the system and delete the content in the case that they keep posting content that adds nothing to the community.
  • Take out twitter posts as a valid activity. I think we all agree that the twitter spam is annoying and nobody want to listen to fanboys talking about the same thing over and over again. Plus making a tweet takes zero effort and bring you plenty of votes in the actual Social Mining Platform.
  • Make a different system for the tech developers to truly reward their work.

To sum up

LTO has a great community after all but with a little bit of work of all the people we can be much better than that. Keep the good work guys and thank you for reading me.

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