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LTO Social Mining. Highway to Hell

Democracy doesn’t work, that’s a fact and that’s why the new platform isn’t as good as the old one. I’m going to explain the reason of this sentence in the next few lines. The spammers […]

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How to access to your LTO node from the outside with a reverse proxy

LTO Network nodes have a cool web interface where you can check info about your node, network and even sign and send transaccions. It also serves as a Rest Api with its own Swagger documentation. […]

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Cómo montar un nodo de LTO network y recibir recompensas

En este tutorial se explicarán los pasos a seguir para montar un nodo de LTO (Legal Things One) Network en un equipo Linux, en concreto para Ubuntu y derivados. Puesto que es un nodo que […]

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